Covid-19 Information

from Thornton Oaks

Covid-19 Update

For the last thirty years our first priority at Thornton Oaks has been the safety and welfare of all our Independent Living residents and staff. That is still true today especially in the midst of the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 virus.

We have adopted CDC (Center for Disease Control), Maine CDC and Mid Coast–Parkview Health guidelines for the health of our residents and staff. Our plan includes:

  • Extensive cleaning and disinfecting throughout our building.
  • Ongoing education for combating COVID-19 transmission routes with specific hygiene practices for our residents and staff.
  • “Social Distancing” to encourage 6 feet separation between individuals where appropriate.
  • Meal delivery to the apartments and limited seating in dining room.
  • Working with residents as they identify their back-up plans in the event they become ill.
  • Allowing visiting family, friends, health care professionals, and scheduled contractors while complying with current safety protocols.
  • Updating our established Emergency Preparedness Plan to include the ongoing COVID-19 recommendations of the CDC.
  • Encouraging our staff to stay home when sick and utilizing emergency plans with remaining staff to execute key duties.
  • Open communication lines between residents and staff. We are updating family members.